Elaut USA, Inc. is one of the largest operators and concessionaires of amusement game and related equipment in the theme park industry. These concessions include unique remote-controlled truck and boat attractions, water blasters and traditional amusement game stands and arcades located in various large amusement and theme parks, zoos, roadside attractions and museums throughout the United States.

The company also designs, develops and manufactures and distributes amusement equipment as well as provides complete parts and service support for everything it operates and sells. Elaut USA, Inc. is a factory authorized distributor for all major product lines and it develops and consults on large scale amusement centers and FEC's. The company is involved in every phase of the amusement game industry.


For more than 35 years the Company has been a leading provider of customized remote-controlled truck and boat attractions, traditional arcades, merchandise machines and redemption machines to amusement parks. The Company’s strategy is to provide its product line to large amusement and theme parks with over one million attendees per year, increasing penetration into such parks as well as the installations in each park. Through revenue sharing programs, the Company’s themed attractions and arcades enhance revenues to its vendor partners in which it operates, provide alternative forms of entertainment for visitors and extend the average time of the visit.

Without any expense to our vendor partners, The Company creates an entertainment experience for visitors which offers an alternative to rides and exhibits. The remote control truck or boat, depending on the attraction, is guided over elaborately decorated courses, customized to fit into and add to the overall appearance of each venue. Traditional arcades are designed to target a broad range of ages and in particular, entire families. The family oriented arcades are comprised of merchandise machines, redemption machines, sports related competitive games as well as old favorites like Skee-ball, air hockey and appropriately selected video games.


The Company was originally founded in 1975 by Mondial International Corporation. Since 1992, the Company has expanded rapidly, with sales growing at a annual rate of more than 17% due largely to the Company’s ability to grow revenue for its location partners at a time when the competition cannot.

Truck and boat attractions and water blasters account for approximately 30% of total Company revenues while arcades, merchandise and redemption machines account for the other 70% of the revenue.

The Company continues to grow and expects to add up to fifteen new parks to its portfolio over the next five years

The Company has always been extremely proud of their long term established relationships with the market’s leading Companies including Busch Gardens, Sea World, Universal Studios, Cedar Fair, Walt Disney World Attractions, Six Flags group, PARC Management as well as many Zoos, Museums and Roadside Attractions.

All Remote Attractions are Licensed by the FCC